Grooming halter - Week Collection

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Grooming halter

Week Collection


Leather Color

  • Burgundy

  • Havana

  • Black

Grooming halter 

Week Collection


This high-end fine leather halter is perfect for the everyday life. There is a buckle on both sides which makes the halter really practical to manipulate and a ring is placed under the horse's head to attach a leading rope. The grooming is facilitated by the hooks on the left and on the right side. And to embellish this beautiful leather piece, you will find a Jump'In pin on the noseband. The Grooming Halter from the Week Collection is well-adapted to the everyday life at the stables.

Available in black, burgundy and havana 

Size: Full or Cob 

The entire Week Collection is made of a high-quality English full-grain leather from SEGWICK. The buckles are stainless steel and the finishes are particularly neat

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