Rope Drop Noseband

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Rope Drop Noseband

Week Collection


Leather Color

  • Burgundy

  • Havana

  • Black

Rope Drop Noseband

Week Collection


Drop noseband where the superior part of it is made of a rigid and twisted oiled rope that goes over the bottom of the horse's nose and helps to close its mouth if needed. It also emphasizes the rider's control. The loops and the nose-band are made of a high-quality leather. This noseband can easily be adapted on every bridle of the Jump'In Week Collection.

The two independent cheek pieces on every Jump'In noseband make them adaptable to the Jump'In bridles. They are sold with a strap to adapt them to other bridles. The strap is available HERE.

Available in burgundy, havana or black.

Size: Full only

The entire Week Collection is made of a high-quality English full-grain leather from SEGWICK. The buckles are stainless steel and the finishes are particularly neat

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